Faith No More – Glasgow Barrowlands (1st December 1992)

So pleased I went to this gig. It’s still the only time I’ve seen this band. This was in support of “Angel Dust”, which remains their biggest selling album. Their previous album, The Real Thing, will I’m sure always remain in my top 10 albums of all time. An absolute masterpiece.

FNM announced two dates for the Barrowlands, which both quickly sold out, so they added two more dates meaning they played four consecutive nights. We missed out on tickets for the first two so made sure not to make the same mistake again. They easily could have played more arenas on this tour, respect to them for playing the smaller, better venues.

This was the first of the four night run. I always feel sorry for those who get tickets for something and then the band announced a further, better date. We got to find out the setlist before anyone else, which included “Easy”, a superb cover of The Commodores’ hit. It received such a great response live they released it as a single and also added it to a re-release of Angel Dust.

L7 were the support band on this U.K. tour. It’s so good when you get a good support band. Nothing worse than for the band and audience to see barely anyone in the venue or for those there to be standing chatting and not paying attention. This was definitely not the case for L7, who were riding their own wave at the time off the back of “Pretend We’re Dead”.

Notable highlights of the FNM show were the enigmatic Jim Martin looking cool the entire time on the other side of the stage from me – this would prove to be his curtain call however, he left the band a few months later disagreeing with the direction of the band and a fractious relationship with the other members amongst a few unhappy motives for the guitarist’s departure. Also, Roddy Bottum stagedived onto me during Be Aggressive which is still probably a highlight of my gig career! He revealed his homosexuality only a matter of weeks after this tour. Unfortunately the rarity of men in the rock community coming out is almost as rare 30 years later as it was back in the early 90s.

Both FNM and L7 saw their careers tail off as the decade went on unfortunately – the music world changed, the band members lives’ changed. But both bands are now reinvigorated and bubbling underneath the mainstream once again. Check them both out if you get a chance – you won’t regret it.

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