Slipknot/Slayer – Glasgow SECC 3rd October 2004

This was one of those gigs that was an adventure from start to finish. A late decision to go meant inevitably it was sold out. I’d gone to a few gigs just prior to this where I’d managed to get tickets off touts no problem so assured my mates we’d get in as it was in a big venue and more people = more spare tickets. That’s not quite how it worked out though. I think the problem was we were on the wrong side of the venue but there were still plenty of people going in. Just none of them had any spare tickets and to top it all off we only saw a handful of touts and they had no tickets at all so really we were competing with them for any spares. They did all tell us however there just weren’t any going about so perhaps we were in the right place. Just one of those nights.

There were four of us but a couple of my mates were having a lot of personal problems at the time and didn’t have the confidence to walk about asking for tickets so there were only two of us trying to buy four tickets which didn’t help. Eventually after at about an hour and a half we managed to get two single tickets within minutes of each other. The other two said they’d just wait in the car for us but no chance, we all went in or none of us did. The punters were really drying up now and it soon became obvious why. Slayer had just started. We decided to try the security on the gate and see if they’d take money to let us in. Desperate but that’s where we were. As we walked up to the door a lad who had been trying to buy tickets too was talking to a young girl and pointing to us. Turns out her mates had just texted her to say they weren’t coming to the gig anymore so she was just going home and had spare tickets. She was going to give us them for nothing but we gave her £30 or so. We were just so grateful.

We ran to the doors as the opening of “Mandatory Suicide” was ringing out from the hall. I can still feel that rush of adrenaline. It was unbeatable. We’d stood around for two hours begging for tickets and thought we were defeated. Anything but. Slayer as always were out of this world. My ribs are still reverberating to this day from the double kick drum during “Angel Of Death”. Dave Lombardo – what a drummer. I remember looking round to one of my mates and despite being really used to loud gigs we were practically breathless from the brute force of the sound. What a feeling.

Although it was a dual headline tour, obviously both bands couldn’t go on last but Slipknot had the honour. I thought at the time that the band’s took turns at going on last but I don’t think so now. Slipknot were just bigger than I gave them credit for. Either way, Slipknot were worthy of the final slot. This is the only time I’ve seen them but wow, what a show. Even if you don’t like their music it’s still an amazing spectacle they put on. But of course their music is more than likeable. Much more. They put on one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. And loudest. The percussionists, including the infamous Clown, were just staggering in their performance.

Lots of my favourite gigs have been last-minute efforts and this is one of them. They produce great adrenaline rushes and events that don’t happen when you’re fully prepared. Cracking night.

As a sidenote, this is the only gig I’ve ever been to in Hall 5 at the SECC Nearly every one I’ve been to has been in Hall 4, the biggest hall, where the sound is appalling. The sound in Hall 5 was top notch.

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